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Suction Stabilizers

Pulsation problems often start on the suction side. Protect your system with a custom designed suction stabilizer that will: Provide ...

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Discharge Dampeners

Pump and piping system vibrations lead to premature equipment failure and unsafe conditions. Protect your system with a custom designed ...

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Status Flow Products

PPC’s Status Flow Product Line includes both gas charged and maintenance free cartridge style pulsation control.  We achieve the ...

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ECT Suction Manifold Tube

PPC's Enhanced Cellular Technology offers superior pulsation control in smaller, more efficient packages without gas-charging. PPC, the foremost innovator in ...

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Vertical Cellular Stabilizer & Retrofit

Vertical Cellular Stabilizer (VCS) & Retrofit Replace your gas-charged suction stabilizer cartridges with our new ECT retrofit kit. Get more ...

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