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Discharge Dampeners

Pump and piping system vibrations lead to premature equipment failure and unsafe conditions. Protect your system with a custom designed solution that will:

  • Dampen high and low-frequency pulsation energies
  • Maintain required pressure and flow profiles
  • Increase pump and fluid-end life
  • Improve pump safety and piping system protection
  • Decrease system operating costs and downtime
  • Provide consistent performance and best return value


 Gas Charged and Maintenance Free Customization Options:

  • Standard from 5,000 -15,000 psi with higher pressures available
  • Custom inlet/outlet connections and nozzle arrangements
  • High temp and corrosion resistant materials available
  • Vent and drain options


PD Discharge DampenerPD Series

  • Cost effective
  • Proven performance
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Top repairable/servicable
  • Interchangeable with competitor product parts
  • High pre-charge
  • Wide range of volume & pressure capabilities


DR Series Discharge DampenerDR Series

  • Best return value
  • Reactive design
  • Consistent performance with long service life
  • Perfect for offshore or remote locations
  • Customizable to achieve optimal levels of pulsation control


Status Flow SF Series Status FlowTM Series

  • Small/lightweight – easy install
  • Great performance in an affordable & durable package
  • Top repairable/serviceable
  • Flow through style available