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Certified To Asme Section Viii, Div 1 And Div 2Performance Pulsation Control takes sincere pride in the quality and performance of our products. Each are made in the USA to exacting standards. We are certified to ASME Section VIII, Div 1 and Div 2. We also hold an R-stamp for pressure vessel repairs as well as S and H stamps.

Performance Pulsation Control Engineering Services is a fully accredited engineering firm aimed at helping our customers optimize the efficiency and performance of their piping and pumping systems. We use the latest piping and acoustic analysis software to solve the complex dynamic challenges often found in modern industrial piping systems.

Compliance With Industrial and International Standards

Performance Pulsation Control can provide manufacturing certification for the following industry and international codes:

  • DNV-Drill-N
  • NR-13
  • AS1210
  • CRN
  • PED/CE


Use of Advanced Welding Procedures 

  • We utilize the latest in welding procedures for our custom pressure vessels. These include MIG, TIG, SAW, FCAW, and SMAW. These are performed along with a variety of wire chemistry and composition.
  • Our welding capabilities are supported by our experienced and qualified weld engineering staff, which comprises multiple CWIs, and in-process weld inspectors.
  • Our fabrication staff consists of fully qualified ASME welders that have been trained and tested to PPC’s high standards.
  • Where possible, automated equipment is used to maintain consistency in weld quality.


Meticulous Testing and Inspection

  • NDE is performed by officials who have extensive capabilities, using the latest technology and the experience to ensure strict compliance with all applicable standards.
  • Overall, PPC’s custom pressure vessels are thoroughly inspected and endorsed by authorized ASME Inspectors.


Comprehensive Documentation

  • We provide complete documentation to customers. These include material test certificates, full NDE reports, heat-treat, and hydro-test reports, etc. prior to delivery.