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Performance Pulsation Control featured on FOX Business Network’s Manufacturing Marvels

If you’ve got reciprocating pumps, you need pulsation control. Performance Pulsation Control designs and manufactures maintenance free and gas charged pulsation control products. Since 1996 the company has been a leading manufacturer of pulsation control products, serving customers worldwide in drilling, well service, oil field, and many other industries.

The Texas born company operates over one hundred thousand square feet of manufacturing facilities in Texas, which are ASME Pressure Vessel Code shops with international certifications such as CRN, PED, DNV, and ABS.

Performance Pulsation Control developed innovative flow through designs of maintenance free discharge dampeners and suction stabilizers for reciprocating pumps handling fluids from ambient temperature water to seven hundred fifty degree hot oil, at pressures below zero to above twenty five thousand psig, helping pumps last longer with no downtime for scheduled maintenance.

Performance Pulsation Control is on the forefront of solutions to real world problems with an engineering team boasting multiple patents, over one hundred thirty years’ experience, field service, and a modern testing lab for continuous R&D. This team is highly experienced in custom engineered solutions for special customer requirements. Their engineers also provide API Acoustic analysis computer modeling, and field analysis of pulsation problems. Performance Pulsation Control leads the industry, providing a family of solutions that includes custom engineered, innovative maintenance free, and traditional gas charged products, repairs, and field analysis.

When customers need the highest performance from their reciprocating pumps, they call the team of professionals at Performance Pulsation Control.

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