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Suction Stabilizers

Whether you’re pumping oil, water, or another liquid, it’s important to steer clear of pulsation problems, which often start on the suction side. Whatever your system is pumping, you can protect it with a custom-designed suction stabilizer that will:

  • Provide efficient and consistent fluid supply to pump over a broad range of pressures
  • Minimize potential for cavitation and extend pump life
  • Isolate the pump from the suction line, virtually eliminating acceleration head-pressure loss
  • Promote acoustic isolation


Customization Options

Performance Pulsation Control is meeting the suction stabilizer needs of clients across the country. We can tailor a suction stabilizer and suction pulsation dampener to fit the specific output requirements of any commercial industry that relies on consistent and precise pump solutions. Some of the customization possibilities you’ll find for your business applications include:

  • Flow-through design available to increase net positive suction head available (NPSHA)
  • Corrosion and chemical-resistant materials and coatings
  • Multiple nozzle orientation and location options


SF Suction StabilizerStatus Flow Series  – Cartridge Style

The cartridge style is a popular suction stabilizer that reduces the amount of stress and strain on your system. Cartridge styles are cost-effective for most applications and ideal under a variety of suction conditions, including those using oil, water, and other liquid throughputs with a wide range of cartridge elastomers available. Each one can withstand high pressures internally and is coated for heavy-duty wear and tear. These stabilizers are top-serviceable, so maintenance is easy and efficient.


VT Series Suction StabilizerVT Series – Maintenance Free

Getting a suction stabilizer or suction pulsation dampener from the VT series won’t add to your maintenance requirements. Like the cartridge style, they are ideal for most suction conditions and commercial applications thanks to a range of cartridge elastomers, and they are a cost-effective solution from our team. If any repairs or other maintenance is occasionally required, the VT series is top-serviceable for faster access.


SC Series Suction StabilizerSC Series – Maintenance Free

To get the highest performance from your reciprocating pumps, Performance Pulsation Control offers a wide range of products and solutions. We’re proud to provide customers with the SC series suction stabilizers to bring you all the advantages of closed-cell nitrogen-infused cellular technology in a maintenance-free, compact package. The SC series is known for its reliability and consistency over the entire service life and is available in axial-flow split shell designs. The suction stabilizer attaches directly to the suction manifold port of a reciprocating pump, making it simple and easy to install.

Put our suction stabilizers to work for you!