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Enhanced Cellular Technology

Vertical Cellular Stabilizer (VCS) & Retrofit

*Patent pending

Replace your gas-charged suction stabilizer cartridges with our new ECT retrofit kit. Get more life and better performance from your existing suction stabilizer system. Our retrofit is an instant upgrade with no need for redesign or removal of existing suction equipment. Compatible with similar sized suction units. Read more on how it works or click to download brochure.

Save time and money while reducing risk

  • No more nitrogen charging
  • Longer operating life
  • Better safety


Boost reliability and performance

  • Ready to be used upon installation
  • No overcharging
  • No premature failure
  • More resistant to harsh fluids
  • No effect on pressure drop
  • Operates at pressure up to 200 psi


Easy installation

  • One piece
  • Drop into place
  • Integrated handle for easy lifting
  • No increase in weight


Available as a complete retrofit kit with new cap or as a single replacement tube. 

ECT – How It Works

How ECT Works Eliminates Gas Charging! ECT or Enhanced Cellular Technology was specifically developed by PPC for fluid pulsation applications. ...

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